Love of Giving

Behind everything we do at The Clothing Project is Love.

love of giving - blog image.png

As you might often read about us, one of our core values is making sure the recipients and families of the gift bags feel like they are valued and loved.

We believe everyone needs to feel like they are loved for who they are, no matter what decisions they have made or situations they are currently in. By this gesture of providing gift bags of clothing we want to help take some pressure off families and give them hope.

Hope that they don’t have to stay in the same situation. Hope that there are people around them that care and can help to the best of their ability.

I love this quote:

It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.
— Mother Teresa

Within our organisation we see this quote at work. All the volunteers give what time they have. The biggest impact is the love they show for the vision and heart behind our organisation, the love for people and the community.

We welcome good quality donations that are small or big as it is not the quantity of the donation but the love of giving. The love that gets shown to the next generation – our children.

Amy Revell