About Us

We’re a passionate bunch! Here’s a little about how we started and the volunteers that make it all tick!


Who we are & what we do.

The Clothing Project is a charity based on helping the most vulnerable members in our community; our children.

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We take a holistic approach in providing at risk and in need children with clothing. For our team of volunteers, it has always been much more than simply providing clothing; it is about letting these children and whanau know that they are loved and valued and people in our community care about them.

What our charity sets out to achieve is to make certain children Eastern Bay of Plenty have access to suitable clothing from the youngest (Newborns including small/premature babies) to 12 years of age. We achieve this by receiving wonderful donations of pre-loved clothing from the community. This clothing is carefully sorted, washed and packaged into our distinctive bags by our dedicated volunteers. Through the organisations we work with the bags of clothing and other donated items such as bedding and wraps are distributed out to families facing financial hardship. Often these families struggle to purchase clothing from the op shops. 

The heart of our project comes in many forms - it is about connecting with our community on all levels. This includes encouraging donations of pre-loved clothing from the community to pass onto families in need. Those in our community who donate are not asking for anything in return but with the knowledge that the items are received by many children in need of clothing.

When the bags of clothing are gifted to the families, our aim is to share with them that they are a valued and loved part of our community. We hope that by sharing the kindness from the community and our volunteers, the recipient families will then pass along the clothes when no longer needed, creating a community that cares.


Making an Impact
Since 2013

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Volunteer Operated


How it started: A Brief History

In October 2012 not long after Amy Revell (founder) gave birth to her son, she was given some pre-loved clothing from a friend. This clothing was such a blessing and took a lot of pressure off with trying to have enough clothes for her son on one income.

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Through Amy's own experience and her friends she realised that many clothes were either disregarded when no longer needed, sold online or in op shops or simply given away to friends and family who already had more than enough.

After a small amount of time, Amy found out that there was a need in the community to help families who don’t have the means to afford op shop/second hand prices let alone retail prices, and don’t have a network of people able to give them necessary help.

Once having two fellow mums and friends on board, in February 2013 The Clothing Project was established.  

The condition and presentation of the clothing was very important to these mums. They wanted the families to feel like they were receiving gifts. The heart behind that is to share with them that they are valued and loved. We don’t want to give them the bare minimum, but rather the best possible means to dress and care for their children.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
— Helen Keller



The Team

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Amy Revell
Trustee, Founder, Chairperson

Amy is the founder of The Clothing Project who had a vision for a community where everyone is valued and loved. Amy has put her heart and soul into developing The Clothing Project into the charity it is today; reaching out to hundreds of children and families each year and giving them a helping hand when they need it the most. Her commitment to the project is awe-inspiring; she volunteers many selfless hours each week from managing the charity to sorting and packing clothes and all jobs in-between. She has given so much of herself to create a successful charitable organisation that helps the most vulnerable in our community - our children. 

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Kylie Carpenter
Trustee, Secretary, Funding

Kylie became involved with The Clothing Project after having her first daughter. Kylie and Amy have been friends since school. She sees The Clothing Project as a Grassroots movement identifying a tangible need in the community that not only ensures whānau in the Eastern Bay of Plenty have access to suitable clothing for their children but that we work together as a community to address issues.  Kylie believes that the core values of The Clothing Project is looking after and caring for one another to build a stronger community where everyone is valued, loved and looked after no matter their circumstances. 


Elise James
Trustee, Treasurer

Elise began volunteering with The Clothing Project in 2016 when she moved to the Eastern Bay of Plenty, and joined the Board in 2018. She wanted to volunteer with an organisation that tangibly helps the local community, while also having fun and meeting people. Feeling part of The Clothing Project whānau was incredibly helpful to her following the premature birth of her daughter, and the values of The Clothing Project really resonate with her.

Elise works in international development as a NGO programme manager and has previous governance experience on other Boards.

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Sarsha Deeley
Minutes Secretary

Sarsha's involvement in The Clothing Project came about from wanting to teach her own children about the impact people can have on the community through volunteering. Sarsha brings with her an abundance of knowledge and understanding of our local community through her experience as a high school teacher. Her experience and passion for volunteering has enabled The Clothing Project to involve students and get them volunteering to make a difference in our community.

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Tina Bockman

Tina has always been interested in being involved in a charity where she can make an impact on her local community. By being involved with The Clothing Project, she has been able to donate her time to make a real difference in the community. As a mum, Tina loves that she can see what impact her son’s clothes have when they are passed along and enjoyed by other children.

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The Clothing Project is 100% volunteer run. We have a team of 30 dedicated volunteers who help with sorting, washing, mending and packing gift bags to name a few of the tasks. We are grateful to have so many wonderful people involved.

We’re always looking for more people who share The Clothing Project values and are passionate about our service. If you’re interested in volunteering you can find out more here.