What does the word ‘balance’ mean to you? For a few of us in the team this is our key word for 2018.

We decided not to set New Year’s resolutions. When it comes down to it, how often do you end up truly completing them at the end of the year?

So after thinking about it with the help of this website My One Word I chose the word ‘Balance’ as this really resonated with others in the team and inspired them to work towards a balance life too.

For me Balance means freedom, joy, and peace. It looks like I am managing all the things in my life I juggle successfully and not torn with where to use my time (This is where my new diary’s (project & personal) and a family planner have come into use).  It looks like a healthy and happy home life with my family and I am not torn between different areas.

For The Clothing Project team to achieve balance; we believe we need focus on planning small achievable tasks that work towards our overall goal. This means we need to capitalise on the strengths our volunteers bring so they are involved with tasks that they feel confident in and can have a sense of achievement. When we get this formula right we are focusing on our strengths while still learning new skills and most importantly helping to fill needs in our community. We want everyone who is a part of the clothing project to feel like they are part of a family themselves and feels valued for their time and skills they bring to this organisation.

So what do you think would be your word for 2018? We look forward to updating you with how this is all going.

Amy Revell